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    Areas of speciality:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • OCD
  • Stress & anxiety relief
  • IBS
  • Pain reduction
  • Hypno birthing
  • Self esteem
  • Bereavement & loss
  • Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication.  Used during hypnosis, it helps direct a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour.  In a typical hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist will ask the client questions about previous medical history, general health and lifestyle.  The hypnotherapist and client will decide together on the changes or goals that are desired.

Hypnotherapy can be applied to a wide range of medical, dental and psychological problems. Areas of application include anxiety and stress conditions, weight control, addictive behaviours (including smoking, alcohol and substance misuse) and confidence issues.  Hypnotherapy is also used to enhance performance in several areas such as sport and public speaking.

 Many people ask what does it feel like?  My own opinion is that being under hypnosis reminds me of those lovely summers back when I was a child.  I vividly remember lying on a rug in the back garden with my eyes shut and the sun on my face, the buzz of the occasional bee and the sound of a distant neighbours lawn mower.  You can hear everything, but you are in a state of total relaxation, and it is at this time when our sub-conscious minds are ready to receive suggestions that can help us.  We cannot accept suggestions that we don't want to accept!  In other words, we cannot be made to do something we don't want to do - which is often a misconception of hypnosis.

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